Sex Problems for Men

Unable To Ejaculate

Sex Problems for Men

My girlfriend and I are very serious. We have been going out for quite some time and have been sexually active. I'm only 20 and i'm still a virgin and have no problem with that. My problem is in the field of orgasms. I will not lie, i do masterbate. I have absolutly no problem ejaculating when i'm doing it myself but when my girlfriend is trying, i never reach the climax. My girlfriend and i (since we haven't had sex) have oral sex alot. Myself and her are very unhappy that we cannot make each other orgasm. We can ourselves but when it comes to the other partner doing it, it never happens. I'm very upset and i need some help. Thank you

Delayed Ejaculation During Intercourse

Sex Problems for Men

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year now. He has always had a difficult time having an organsm during intercourse and lately it is becoming harder and harder for him. Often he gets frustrated and gives up. I've asked him if there is anything I can do differently to help him, but he doesn't have a clue. He tells me that it's not me. I'm not able to pleasure him by hand or orally. I think he hesitates to get intimate because of this. I'm usually the one who initiates intimacy. He says that sex is not a big thing for him because I guess in his mind he thinks that this is the way it has to be.

I love him very much and I want to be able to pleasure him. It just seems like he doesn't want to initiate anything with me because he knows that it will be too much for him. He gets very out of breath trying to have an orgasm during intercourse and he has to focus so hard that any little thing will throw him off even if he slips a little he gets dicouraged like he has to start all over again. He has had to stop many times out of exhaustion and when he is able to have an ejaculation he is totally out of breath, his back hurts a lot, and he is very achy.

He's told me that he is able to ejaculate during masturbation and I know that he's into looking at women (I say this because my friend and her husband haven't had sex in 3 years and she has found evidence that he is not into women), but he has never been able to ejaculate during oral sex.

erection taking too long to go up/going down too fast

Sex Problems for Men

ok im 17 and recently i have got myself a girlfriend somone that i care about alot but when i masturbate and when she plays with my penis it takes awhile to go up like 5 min and if i stop playing with it when its hard it goes down quite fast.

this problem started not that long ago i used to wake up in morn with a hard i used to get it up easy and take awhile to get it down.

i can still have sex because once its up its usally quite easy to keep up

so does anyone have any clues about what the problem could be this problem started about a month ago and is bugging me alot and making me worried.

Lost of interest with me

Sex Problems for Men

I have been with my fiancée for a bout 7 years on and off. We have had a healthy sex life up until now. There has been some issues about other women (not cheating). I have caught him looking at porn while i'm gone a lot. He also has a lying problem. I have caught him lying to me so many times I cant count anymore. Now we have sex about twice a month. I am not happy with that. As many times as I bring it up he really doesn't try to change it. He told me that he doesn't really have the drive like he used to, but then I caught him flirting and e-mailing girls on myspace. If he doesn't have the drive then he shouldn't even be interested in other woman either right?

It really hurts my feelings it makes me feel as though its me that he doesn't want anymore. I'm at the point where if we don't get counseling soon its going to really affect our relationship for good. I have mentioned counseling and he says yes, but he doesn't do anything about it. I probably should do it, but I would like some effort on his part to show that he cares to try to save this relationship. I know that he loves me. I also know that he knows how much all of this bothers me. he also has been having some problems with ED which makes me feel even worse.

why wont she have sex with me?

Sex Problems for Men

I've posted on here about this before and the advice was to try and talk to her about it. I have been with my fiance for nearly five years now and sex is now a very rare luxury. We had sex as often as anyone else at the beginning but has now trailed off to a once a month thing or once every two month type thing. I tried talking to her last night and she just said she was "lazy" about it now and has never really been interested in sex! we ended up arguing about it when I told her something is wrong and I'd like to find out what it is that is wrong. Then this a.m we were OFF with each other for a bit but after a while she cuddled me but no more was mentioned about the "conversation"!?

I love her and am sure she loves me but she says sex isnt a big part of a relationship for her, which I cant understand as I love sex and believe it IS a big part of a relationship, I'm trying hard not to stray and go behind her back with someone, its something I dont agree with but find myself tempted to do it more and more often! will I end up doing it...I dont know, but like I said to her last night, for me, I cant live the rest of my life with her in this way, I know when we get married nothing will change and I need to express my love with her in a sexual way aswell as in all other ways.

Problem Getting up and Getting off during oral

Sex Problems for Men

I have been going out with my girlfriend for almost 2 months now and she has given me head twice. Both times, i have not had a full erection and both times i was not able to get off no matter how long she spent. I am wondering...since i have had a full erection while kissing her and playing with her before she gave me oral sex (and then it subsides) is it that we just spent too long kissing so that i shrunk down again and wasnt hard? Is it because before this relationship i would masturbate almost daily to porn? (which ive stopped)....what is it? is there something wrong with me here?

Foreskin problem (tightness)

Sex Problems for Men

Forgive me for being pretty clueless about sex. Its a topic which i have no problem discussing with my friends. We were talking about it one day, and we somehow got talking about how the foreskin goes back, i didn't know of this because to be honest i have never really tried. So i researched it on the net a bit, and saw that its perfectly normal for it to go back, so i tried it, but i can't seem to do it, i don't know if its a mental thing or what but i can't do it . I can only pull it back about 2-3 mm over the tip. Does anyone else have this problem ? or know how it can be solved. I'm too embarrassed to go see a doc about any problems like this.

Fear of Women, fear of sex, fear of kissing, fear of closeness...

Sex Problems for Men

I'm not sure what I'm doing here. I feel pathetic for even posting this... But it doesn't seem like I have any other choice. I'm at a point in my life where this fear I have is making me lose my mind. Especially now that there is a certain female who is very interested in me, and I am interested in her, but I can't bring myself to say anything to her about it, because I know where it will lead to. Kissing on the first few dates, then we'll get even closer, and sex will eventually be a possibility, and I just cant handle it. I just cringe at the thought of it.

Of course I want her to be my girlfriend, I want to take her out and show her a good time and kiss her goodnight, and after a while, maybe even have sex, but this fear in my head is unstoppable. I don't know what to do. I'm 20 years old, I've never gone all the way, I've never even had a real girlfriend. I guess strong religious beliefs played a big part in this during my teens. I had a lot of observant Jewish friends, and I went to a Jewish school, I even lived in Israel for a whole year, and I guess it all influenced me in a huge way. Now I'm not saying I regret making those decisions for myself (my family have no religious connections), because I know these beliefs have shaped me to be a good, moral person. But at the same time, I can't help but face the fact that all my non-Jewish friends are getting laid left and right as of now, and beyond that, all of them are at least capable of talking with a girl, asking her out on a date, and are able to have sex without any second thought or fear of it.

Weak sensation of orgasm after a vesectomy.

Anorgasmia | Sex Problems for Men


following a vasectomy over a month a go I am having problems with my orgasm. I still easily get erections and can maintain them. I still have a the same levels of sexual desire etc and I have all the same senstion when my wife or myself touch my penis.

The problem is that when reaching the point of orgasm I still get all the build up sensation but at the peak of orgasm it just fades away to nothing and I ejaculate. I normally have very high levels of sensation at this point. It is pretty much non existant.

Everything I read suggests that this isnt a problem caused by vasectomy however I read some articles where men experience the same as me and after years of investigation they still have not found the cause.

This is really getting me down and consuming my thoughts all day.

Help would be appreciated.

How can I help my husband.(with ejaculation)

Anorgasmia | Sex Problems for Men

My husband and I have been together for 30 years and married for 26. Sex has never been the mainstay of our relationship, but it has never particularly bothered either of us. HOwever,recently my husband is having trouble reaching an orgasm. He is worried about it. He is on medication, which I believe could have something to do with it. He is also quite overweight. Neither of us are very imaginative in the bedroom, but I believe there are methods which I could help him with. Can anybody help me. Thank you.

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