My Boyfriend Is Not Sexually Attracted To Me

Sex Problems for Women

I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year. He has a really good body and I think I have a good body to for someone as tall as me. He is shorter than me and has always gone out with short, skinny girls. We have sex once every 5 months and I always have to give him oral sex. I asked him on the weekend which was 2 days ago If he's sexaully attracted to me and he said NO because of my weight and height. This has really hurt me.........wondering if I should still be with him??

Please help

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not attractive

I had the same problem with one of my partners - i was unhappy for FIVE years because of it. It hurts now but you are better off leaving him - sexual attraction is fundamental to healthy relationships - you can't change the way you are but you can be sexyually compatible with someone else who will fancy you for all the reasons he doesn't. I am in a brillaint sexually compatible relationship now and it has shown me how unhappy and what low self esteem I had.

Not his type

I'm very sorry, but it does sound as if you're not his type, and for some men, that is how it is. You can choose whether to be with him or not.

sory but drop him u can do be

Sorry but drop him! You can do better. I bet you're gorgeous so go and get someone who deserves you.