loose vagina muscles and too much lubrication

Sex Problems for Women

My vaginal muscles have become very loose and I am very wet while sexual intercourse is going on that gives no pleasure to my partner. He wants tight vagina.Tell me what to do???

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Sex is wonderful but love is the bottom line.

This is a sad post. Especially if this has been the case since you have been young! Did it start after you delivered one or more children?

When we had children, many years ago, the ob/gyn semi-humorously told my wife he was doing "the lover's knot", meaning he was sewing her back up so she's be "snug".

Either I am "big" or whatever he did worked, because we've been married for 40+ years, and she's still exquisitely "tight"! In fact, I sometimes have to use a little dab of KY just to "get in" without discomfort to me for being too tight!

I wish I had suggestions, but I do not, except that perhaps you both need to find other ways of sexually satisfying one another -- oral, manual stimulation, or whatever -- both ways. Love DOES go beyond just sex. Please find a way to satisfy one another.

I wish you both luck.

Loose muscles and wetness

The loose muscles will tighten up if you do "Kegel's Exercises" on a regular basis. There is a description of these on the main site, if you click on the blue words.
The wetness is due to sexual arousal and there is probably not much you can do about that. If this is a new relationship, and therefore extra exciting, the wetness will reduce as a matter of course as you get more used to the new partner.

loose vagina

Kegels don't work. Nor do vaginal weights. My wife has had a loose vagina since we married. Sex is just a nightmare of no satisfaction and very little pleasure. I can't feel her and no creames or exercises have helped. She even tried surgery with no luck. I had an affair once 18 years ago and it was the best sex I ever had. BUT I just could not bear to leave my wife so stopped it. Now 20+ years of marriage latter I've settlled for the fact that sex will not be fun. I've had myself checked out and even had a 2nd circumcision since the Doc said it would "Surely" make me even more sensitive, well that was crap. When I enter her it feels like I'm in warm water but even Warm water would have more friction. Such a bummer. But I can't renounce my marriage for sex.


and i thought my life sucked. lol. you went through so much trouble.

did you try different positions?

what helps a bit for me is crossing the womans legs. also try having her lie flat on her stomach, u on top.

loose vagina

PLEASE don't renounce your marraige for sex. You have already done that by your affair. Love is love and sex is sex. If you felt like you wanted to marry a vagina, then maybe you shouldn't have gotton married at all! Keep trying. I'm sure that there's something you can do to make it work and moreover, keep the love alive!!

Kegels aren't the only solution

It's worth remembering that many people have very happy sex lives with little or no part played by penetrative sex. You could start by looking at the section on Sex Therapy and trying some of the excercises there.
You may find you land up having some more fun.

too wet during sex

I can relate to your problem of being too wet. Because my husband would get me so turned on, I was pretty juicy too. He would complain that he couldn't feel anything.

We've tried numerous things to try and control my wetness. The only thing we've found to help is a product called AbsorbShun natural powder.

My hubby now loves to have sex with me (since he now feels me) and he says I feel tighter, so he loves the product. We found it on the web at www.absorbshun.com

Good luck with the problem

A note from Partner Therapy Group

We will not be accepting any further posts that promote this product. This is because we strongly suspect that these posts do not originate with real consumers but with the manufacturers of the product. As such, this makes the product highly suspect, and we recommend that our visitors take great care before they decide to buy.

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We will not be accepting any further posts that promote this product. This is because we strongly suspect that these posts do not originate with real consumers but with the manufacturers of the product. As such, this makes the product highly suspect, and we recommend that our visitors take great care before they decide to buy.


Hi there!

I think the comment above was likely from the creators of AbsorbShun itself, since no one else thinks the product is even SAFE, let alone GOOD.

The only ingredient that Absorbshun contains is Hydroxyproplyl distarch Phosphate ... something used in Wallboard Joint Compound! The packaging and applicator even looks like something you'd find in the hardware department, kind of like a large container of super bond glue. We don't even want to speculate on what prompted the makers to think that they should add it to their sex, let alone recommend that women apply it on their genitals.

Absorbshun claims to "make him feel bigger!" How? By causing small punctures in the vaginal wall creating a raw and swollen environment that is unable to soothe itself with its own defense mechanism against such a scenario ... by drying up natural, protective mucous. Heck, if you can't enlarge the penis, just shrink the vagina.

If your man is willing to damage your vagina so he can feel like he's penetrating an unaroused virgin, then I'd get a new man.

Too wet

I am very depressed. I never knew that being "too wet" could be a problem until I got into a new relationship after a 13 year marriage. My ex never complained, so I never knew it was a problem. Now, I am very self consious about it, and feel ashamed. It has even been so bad that my boyfriend is not even able to climax some of the time. There has to be some suggestions? I thought I'd find something.

Not your fault

No need to feel bad about it. It is a sign of excitement and he could take it as a compliment. It will naturally reduce in time so don't worry!pidco

loose vagina

during sex my wife becomes very wet and loose what i get her to do some time is slip a couple of her fingers in while i am penetrating her the fingers then take up some space but watch for her nails

Hello, woman can do exercices

Hello, woman can do exercises! Read some books of Mantak Chia for example. It is a very old Tao tradition. In the East, woman do performances in sexshops, throwing ping-pong-balls out with their vagina etc. It is full of muscles and it is difficult to believe one can not train them as mentioned before. Maybe she is doing something wrong.

Loose Vagina

Have these women ever considered that the fault may be in the men who may have a small penis that does not fully erect?