Should my boyfriend text or call me everyday?

Relationship Problems

My boyfriend and I have just got back together after a year apart. He had an affair and now says he cant let me go and wants to sort things out. He siad he will do anything and wants to prove that he is serious.
I find it really difficult that he doesnt phone or text everyday - even a short text at night to say night or miss you or something.
I wasnt need y like this with my other recent boyfriend and didnt mind if we didnt have contcat for 2 or 3 days. It is just that I need more reassurance and more sense that he is serious after our history.

Am I being unreasonable or should he do more?

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we constantly fight

me and my boyfriend have been together now almost 5 months he tells me he loves me and i know that i love him when we first started dating he was always calling me talking to me for hours and on line i had no reason not to trust him then the day came along when i decided to torment myself i asked him if he thought any other girls were hot his response was yes he thought his x girl-friend was hot and he thought that his friend he had known since last years was hot he told me there were more but he could tell i got really upset. when i'm with him i'm the happiest person until we argue we will fight over little things like he will tell me he will call even promise on it and then never call or tell me that he will come and see me then tell me something came up it seems. maybe he doesn't wanna be with me i get very jealous when he talks to attractive girls because i want him to only love me or want me i don't want to lose him by obsessing or being over protective but i want to know if he truly does love me and still want me what do i do

we constantly fight

i have the same problems. when i am with my boyfriend we hardly ever argue but when we are on the phone most of our time is spent arguing. when i am with him i say are you gonna phone me tonight he says yes but then it comes to it and he doesnt i just wish boy/men would undersatnd when they promise something like that we depend on it and just try so many ways to waswte time and wait for that phone call. letting us down like that is painful. i think you should speak to your boyfriend and let him know that if you promise something it is nice to keep to it and let him know how much u love those phone calls but he dont seem to be giving enough. good luck....

Not a good Relationship

This is not a relationship that is enhancing your life and making you happy, is it? You may love him, but why stay when you are not getting on? There are other people out there who woudn't treat you like this.

my boyfriend

i think that if your boyfriend really likes you he will do every thing in his power to be with you or contact you.well my boyfriend which i like a lot moved and his phone is disconected, so i havent got to see or talk to him in 3 or 4 days and im starting to get a little angry and sad because of it but i know that he will try his darndist to contact me.

You are being reasonable

Thank you for your enquiry. I think what I am going to say is only what you already know!
If he "will do anything and wants to prove that he is serious" why isn't he being more attentive/reassuring/loving? A year apart because of another person is a major rift in a relationship, and you have to consider why the affair happened in the first place, the damage it has done to you personally and your ability to trust, and the damage done to his integrity and capacity for faithfulness. Also, is he mourning the loss of the affair? missing the excitement or whatever? what about the other person? Is he/she going to re-emerge at a later date? he can't be without you, so how long before he decides he can't be without him/her?
Getting back together after an affair is a huge task, and why would you want him back now? Do you not deserve a fresh start with somebody who won't let you down?
I don't know how often he should text, but the fact you are asking this says it all!!