Stop Start Technique

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Overcoming Premature Ejaculation takes time and effort, but should be almost entirely successful, as there is usually nothing wrong with the penis. It is caused by anxiety and lack of attention to what the penis needs. Often there are other worries too, about pleasing the partner, being discovered and feeling embarrassed, or ashamed. You may like to see a therapist to help with these aspects.

  1. Set aside three 20 minute slots each week, when you can be private and uninterrupted.
  2. First masturbate very slowly, noticing carefully what sensations you get in your penis at the increasing levels of arousal before you are ready to come.
  3. At the point just before you would come, stop touching and wait for the intense arousal to go down. You may lose the erection, but you will get it back. If you were too late stopping, and came, try again later, and stop a little earlier in the arousal.
  4. Repeat three times, then allow yourself to come.
  5. Do this three times a week, and after three weeks you should notice some improvement. Carry on, and you will overcome your problem.
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Stop Start Technique

Hi, I have a question regarding the stop start technique.

Is it less or more effective if I decide not to allow myself to come?

No different

It makes little difference. The important thing is that you take time and really focus on the sensations from your penis at the different stages of arousal, so you learn to control your pleasure.