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What is Therapy?

Counselling, therapy and psychotherapy are terms which mean similar things.
Counsellors, therapists and psychotherapists are trained to listen carefully while you tell them about your problems or concerns and they provide a confidential and private place for you to do that. You will explain what the difficulties are that you want to change, the therapist will try to understand as accurately as possible, and tell you what options are available to help the difficulties to be improved or resolved. Together you will agree on the best way forward for you.

How long will it take?

This can vary a lot. Some people just need a very few sessions, or even simply assessment, and never see a therapist again. Others, with more complicated or deep seated problems can take longer. In your initial assessment sessions you will agree the best route forward and roughly how long it can be expected to take, as well as what the possible cost might be.

What does it cost and how often do I have to go?

As a basic principle, we believe that therapy has to fit in with your life style, and work and family commitments. We therefore are willing to discuss fees and frequency of appointments so they are manageable for you. In certain circumstances fees may be reduced. Some therapists operate a sliding scale of fees. This information is contained in their introductions, when you click on a name.

Are your therapists qualified?

The Partner Therapy Group consists of only qualified and very experienced sexual and relationship psychotherapists. They all have accreditions with UK organisations such as the British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy and are registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

I don't want to be judged or brainwashed

All the professionals listed here are qualified experts in the field of sexuality and relationships. as well as problems such as anxiety, depression, trauma recovery and the range of difficulties that people encounter in life. The therapist will understand what is going on without judging or criticising anybody, or taking sides. Their job is to support you and help you to work out the best way for you to resolve your issues, in the light of the most recent available knowledge. They will not tell you what to do, or press you into any particular course of action.
All the therapists in the Partner Therapy Group are capable of dealing with the complete spectrum of sexual and relationship problems, and work with all ethnic groups and sexual orientations.

To make contact with a therapist, use the contact form with details about your needs, or telephone 07977 493 667.

Margaret RamageCentral London
Dr Michael PerringCentral London
Jose M. Herbert Pardo (von Buhler)Spain
Judi Keshet-OrrNorth West London
Monika Dedus-EphraimCambridge
Jean MillerMuswell Hill, North London
Bernd LeygrafNorth London
Carrie JessNorwich, Norfolk
Pamela MoncurBerkshire
Margot HuishNorth London
Mark LeachCentral London East London & Hornchurch
Thaddeus BirchardCentral London