Inability to have Intercourse

Sex Problems for Women

For many women attempting to have intercourse causes intense pain or fear of pain. It can seem as if there is "no way in", as if there is a brick wall in the way. Sometimes it is not as severe as that, but still very difficult. In severe cases it is sometimes called Vaginismus.

With others, the very idea of sex causes felings of digust, fear, or panic. Sometimes they can get over these feelings and have sex to keep their partners happy. They may use druge or alcohol to do this. Often at the start of a relationship the bad feelings are not there. They only arise once there is some intimacy and safety.

In most women who can't have intercourse, there is nothing wrong with the vagina. It is just tense. The fear they get makes it tighten up so that it is almost closed and nothing can get in. There is nothing wrong with their minds either. The fear and panic got there for a reason, and can usually be overcome.

Before starting treatment for inability to have intercourse, make sure there really is nothing wrong. Very occasionally there may be a rigid hymen, or a birth defect. A Family Planning Clinic or Well Woman Clinic could check this for you.

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