Slight bleeding after sex

Sex Problems for Women

Hi, I've recently got a new partner and I've noticed that I am bleeding slightly after or during sex. It is only slightly and I only noticed from a pinkish colour on the bed sheets. I had thrush a couple of weeks ago which has completely cleared up now but was not sure if the two are related.
Thanks for any help or advice you could offer.

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IUD-UTI-less sex--bleeding theories

glad to know i'm not the only slight-bleed-after-sex person around. i will be seeing my Dr. in a few weeks for my regular check up and will bring it up to her then, but in the mean time maybe someone can shed some light on this for me. i've had an IUD in for almost a year now...

i had a UTI (urinary tract infection) a month ago --while we were abroad on holidays. after that i noticed a slight spotting after sex and my discharge seems to be more "abundant" than usual. it is clear but still not very pleasant to always be oozing. anyone have a similar experience and/or solution?

After IUD -UTI

Sometimes the remains of the infection lingers and the only way to clear it completely is to remove the IUD, have 3 months break and then have a new one.

slight bleeding after sex

I too have this and wonder what it could be. At my last Pap test all was normal and I ever had an ultrasound recently that showed nothing. I am wondering the age of women that expereince this and the frequency of sex. When I don't have sex very often, (once a month) it seems to happen. Is it possible that things are just "settling"? I am 37, have two kids aged 9 and 11...

Bleeding after sex

Hi I am 33 years of age I have noticed that since the past 6 months I have being having slight bleeding after sex what could be the cause I do not have any sort of pain and any form of discharge.

Help me please

See a doctor

We are not sure if the bleeding you are experiencing now is connected to the thrush you had. Any irregular or unexplained bleeding needs to have a doctor's assessment, so we suggest you go to your GP or your nearest GUM Clinic, where you can have this checked out.