We are all sexual beings so sex is something that affects us all. When it goes well, it is great. When it goes badly, it can be very upsetting. It can cause much misery and even make you ill.

Sex problems can happen within a good, long-standing relationship, and trying to talk things over can be so hard it seems to just make matters worse. Seeing a therapist can help with this.

It is easy to get wrong information about sex. People tell you a lot about it, and much of what they tell is not quite right. They can give you wrong ideas, and this can lead to confusion and problems.

Partner Therapy Group has built this web site to offer information about sex problems and therapy here. If you do not find what you need to know, you can mail us, or Find A Therapist. We will be pleased to answer your questions, or to discuss therapy and how it can help.

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