smear test hurts!

Sex Problems for Women

I have been married for a year to the most amazing husband.

Recently I had a smear test at a local family planning clinic and it was utter agony. I was screamimg in pain when the nurse tried to put in the speculum into my vagina. She really struggled to insert it and even with a lubricant, had to literally force it in. I was bleeding heavily afterwards, even though I didnt have my period at the time. The doctor interrupted the nurse saying perhaps she should use a smaller one.

I cried in pain through the whole test and was sore down there for about three days.

I mentioned this to a doctor at family planning clinic at my next visit and she told me that it was normal. I am now petrified about any other smear tests I am going to have to need in the future. Since, I have found sex painful as I am so uptight.

Is this normal for a cervical smear. I heard they were uncomfortable, but didn't expect this.


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Glad I am not alone

I am 30, never had a smear and havent been sexually active since I was 19. I tried to have a smear two years ago, but it was so painful I ended up walking out. I am plucking up the courage to try again. I have just brought a speculum and some jelly, so hopefully I can "practise" as someone else on here mentioned.

Painful smears

Hi everyone,

I think this forum is great as you all share my feelings on this matter. I tried having a smear when I was 26 and it was horrific! I was extremely nervous and the practice nurse was very matter of fact about it. The pain was excruciating and I had to stop the procedure. I was in floods of tears and luckily had an appointment with my female GP that day. I do have problems having intercourse but this is getting better. I am now 30 and finally thought, I am not going to let this get to me. I went for my smear today but my GP offered to do it for me and prescribed me with 10mg of lorazepam as it helps you relax. She used plenty of lubrication and was extremely soothing and understanding. She also asked me to make sure that I came mid cycle as that is the optimum time to do the test. It was still uncomfortable but not enough to make me jump off the bed. I think you really need to raise your legs to accomodate the speculum. I think this is really promising as I was so ashamed that I could not go through with the procedure. I am bleeding slightly but I was told that this is possible and to just take it easy for a few days. I wonder if you could try asking for a muscle relaxant next time. A freind of mine uses Naturacalm as she doesn't like taking medication.

I still hated it though but am really pleased that I did it.

smear test is so painful

i first got asked to go for a smear when i was 19 i was not nervous in any way as i thought it would be a quick swab. i attended and when the nurse went to put the spectrum inside me i jumped back she only got it half way i could not take the pain. i am now 26 and have been for smear appointment at least 4 times and never have been able to go through with it. i last went last week and i sat in front of the doctor and cried and cried she went to take my test and i told her the i just could not have it done. i am going to see my doctor at the end of july to try and sort this problem out.
i am thinking of having a smear done under saidation only a private clinic will do that costing about £200.
i don't know anyone who is as scared of smears like me.
i really need help as i really want the test done as i know it's important.
if anyone out there can help please let me know


Painful Smear tests

In the past I had a similarly agonsing experience. In part, it was due to tension - but also because the nurse had to 'fish' for my cervix which is slightly 'tipped' down [I gather this is not that unusual. The nurse had a 'let's just get on with it' attitude - and 'did!

The solution was not pleasant - but worked. I bought a speculum [available on line]. It lay in a drawer for weeks ... but finally I plucked up courage to use it. I found a quiet time, suitable lubricant - and began introducing it [very closed]. At first it was difficult but breathing deeply I learnt how to relax the muscles - in fact 'locate' the damn muscles that nurses always tell you to relax!

I did this about 3 times per week [very unpleasant and somewhat painful at first] until, after a couple of weeks, I could open the blades of the speculum wide, and keep it in for a number minutes in that state with no real pain.

I have just returned from the pap smear. My own 'practice' was rather like the proceedure. At the test however, there was a glitch: the speculum had to be re-introduced. After this there was some minor pain [nothing more than I had experienced at home] and a 'nipping' sensation when the smear was taken. The nurse commented on how calmly I dealt with the problems & the need to repeat the test.

Difficulties with the smear don't always 'point up' a sexual problem -just that a large, stainless steel, speculum does not turn you on!! Don't let a past painful experience colour the need for this test. Prepare yourself properly, exert a little courage and self-discipline, take time to do it - AND GO!

i hate smear tests, i have

i hate smear tests, i have had 3 so far and only one was ok,the others i found very painful indeed, apparently a lot of it is you tense up (which i do as i get nervous) some of my friends dont have a problem, i think mainly if you can try and relax and also explain to the person doing the test your worried it should help..

Very painful smear test

I had a very painful smear test last week with considerable bleeding afterwards. Returning to the doctor I was told I that I was too tense/nobody likes it/the nurse is very professional/you need to move on from this. Talk about adding insult to injury! I was belittled and more than that one doctor seemed almost to question my account of the experience.

Painful smears are not ok

This is not normal, and a smear should not cause pain or bleeding at all, and it is no wonder you are now feeling uptight. A smear is a routine check up, and if it caused this much pain and trouble nobody would ever have it done!
You and your husband need to take things very carefully and gently until you have got over this. There will be nothing actually damaged except your confidence, so go easy and you will be fine.

Painful Smear Test

I had the same problem recently and when the DR had finished she told me the reason it hurt me so much was because I had a retroverted uterus, and thats why my sexual intercourse is also painful.

Bleeding after smear

So there should be no bleeding after a smear? I had my first one 5 days ago and have been spotting blood ever since. At first I thought it must have just scratched my insides a bit, but now i'm not sure!

Bleeding after smear

I had a smear test today, it was mildly uncomfortable and I have bled today even though I am not due for my period. The nurse told me I would bleed a little afterwards and not to worry as it's normal.

Bleeding atfer a smear

I was put off having a smear test for 4 years because of the 1st one I had experienced. The nurse was rough and did not take any care in what she was doing considering she has them done herself. I was sore and dry for ages and could not have any intercourse because I felt like she had mutilated me. You should not bleed after a smear and you should make a formal complaint at the way you were treated.

Thanks to the replationship I am in now it gave me the courage to go back and have a smear and it feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I have had one done and everything is fine.

Do not let this worry you into going back as if it goes un checked that does not bare thinking about.

Kind Regards

bleeding after smear test

I had my smear test about 6 weeks ago and i am still bleeding really bad it is so bad i am really worried sick, i was put in hospital with rectal bleeding a few weeks ago and had an internal scan and they said it was all clear and my smear test came back normal.
Im so scared now and the amount of blood im losing is horrenduos !!

bleeding after smear test

I had a smear test five days ago and am still bleeding, it is the first time this has happened to me, I am 43 years old and so have had quite a few of them. As the doctor was removing the instrument it was very painful. I am becoming a little worried but I know that if I go back to the doctor's I'll have to have another examination which I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates having it done.

Smear that didn't happen again.

Well, I went to the family planning clinic today. How different! Although I still was too sensitive to have the test again today, the nurse was lovely. She couldn't get the contraption in me again, without severe pain. She stopped when I asked her to. She then talked everything through, said it was best to get me sorted as the smear can wait.

I am going to receive sexual counselling and only when I am more experienced and confident, will they attempt the smear again.

The nurse couldn't even do my smear because it was so painful.

I have been sexually active for 1 year, since I was married. I am 27. I have just come back from the nurse at my doctors, not having had my smear.

I told the nurse how sex wasn't painful, but difficult and she listened.

When it was time to do my smear,I laid on the bed and opened my legs. I felt her pushing the metal contraption in and it was uncomfortable. What followed has got to be the most agony I have ever been in.

The speculum wouldn't go in, because I was so tense. I didn't mean to be tense, but she just couldn't proceed with the test.

She wrote me a note for my local family planning clinic and I went there. I have to go back tomorrow. I don't know if I can do it. I've been in tears since this morning, even as I write this, I'm crying.

I know I have to go and my sister is coming with me, but I am so frightened. What happened today was so painful and she couldn't even get the device in. I can't imagine any more pain.

painful smear

hi i know how you feel i am the same as you
i still have not gone through with mine and i am 26
the pain is unbearable
have you had yours done yet?

A smear test should not be painful!

This is not normal, and a smear should not cause pain or bleeding at all, and it is no wonder you are now feeling uptight. A smear is a routine check up, and if it caused this much pain and trouble nobody would ever have it done!
You need to take things very carefully and gently until you have got over this. There will be nothing actually damaged except your confidence, so go easy and make sure another time the peron doing the smear knows what you are like and takes it very gently.

bleeding after smear

I had about my 5th smear test today & bled for the first time although the nurse was very gentle and professional. The nurse advised that this was normal for women on the pill as the lining of the cervix is thinner particulary at certain times of the month and is therefore, more prone to bleeding when scraped with the spatula. Anyone who's never had it happen before may feel it's not normal but this just scares other women not to have the test done that could save their lives