wife's vagina too loose

Sex Problems for Men

I am a newly married man of 28. My wife is 25. From the very first day, I observed that my
wife get very wet after a short foreplay. And when I insert my penis and start sex, I feel
the inside of her vagina too slippery and I don't feel any friction or grip of her vagina
around my penis. But she reaches her orgasm always before me. Then I have to go on with my
thrusting much longer time after this to ejaculate. As I don't feel any friction or grip,
it takes long time for me to reach orgasm. But she is always satisfied as she reaches her
orgasm always before me. Was my wife used to a larger penis than mine before our marriage,
that her vagina is so loose for me? Or is she getting too much wet, so that I am not
feeling any friction?

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if its too wet, take your pen

if its too wet, take your penis out and dry it off on the sheets or a towel or something and put it back in. It should be a little less wet now. If its still too wet, dry it off again. The friction should increase each time. Dont get her too dry, but it doesnt sound like thats a problem here.

my wife cant accept she has saggy tits

My wife is 24 and she has saggy tits. She wont accept that they are saggy and doesn't beleive me when I say that I prefer her tits being saggy she just thinks I'm being critical.


My wife is 41 and I am 43. She has saggy breasts since I met her, which is 20 years ago now. One of the things that turned me on about her were her large saggy breasts. As I always complimented her on her appearance, she soon got to accept herself more and more. As it turns out, now she's a bit older, even younger men dare to compliment her - they tell her she has a lovely face and so on, but that is just a way to tell her they feel really attracted. So my wife really can enjoy feeling wanted by men, which has greatly contributed to our sex life.

nothing wrong

tell her that low hanging natural boobs are a must of the sex-appeal even in a young woman... convince her to show the off discretely to receive appreciations from your friends and she will be happy

Use of Language

I think your use of the word 'saggy' may sound critical. Try describing them as 'pretty', 'sexy', 'lovely', and other really nice words. No woman wants 'saggy' as that is a sign of aging and at 24 she is not aging!

Nothing wrong

There is nothing wrong with your wife, and the size of her vagina has nothing to do with previous partners. It is exactly as you say. You need more grip than the vagina can give you at the moment. I suggest you start to practice teaching your penis to respond to lighter touch and more lubrication. You can do this by masturbating gently, using plenty of lubricant, such as coconut oil. At the same time, your wife might be willing to practice Kegel's Exercises which can increase tone in the vaginal muscles. With patience and practice, the problem will get better.

Loose Vagina

Enjoy it. My girl and I have lots of fun with her huge vagina. We do what's called fisting. I put on a surgical glove and make a fist and gently insert it in her. After a little slow moving in and out we really get going. She reaches climax after climax this way. The sounds and all the wetness is fantastic. Try it, but be careful not to hurt her.