Am I Over-Reacting Or Is My Boyfriend Bi-Sexual Or Gay?

Gay Issues and Problems

My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years is a musician and a very quiet kind of guy. Because my boyfriend is a musician he travels quite a bit. Recently, I found out that his driver is gay and it just so happens that he and my boyfriend are good friends and they share the same hotel room when traveling. I began to become suspicious when my boyfriend who was casually talking to me on the phone told me that this guy had just finished cooking food for them and the guy was getting ready to serve him his food.

The very next day I called my boyfriend at 4:00 p.m., to see how he was doing and I noticed that he was asleep, then I heard this loud snoring and it was the guy that he shares his room with. I asked my boyfriend if they were sleeping together because the snoring was very close as if they were right next to each other. My bf replied no they were 8 feet apart and he changed the conversation. Sometimes when traveling there will be 2 or 3 days when they don't have a gig they will buy food from the grocery store and stay in the hotel room the entire time together. I asked my boyfriend about this and he says all they do is eat, sleep and watch tv.

I have also taken notice that whenever my boyfriend and I are on the telephone, and this guy is around he doesn't talk much and he kind of hurries me off the phone. But if there's a crowd around you can't keep my boyfriend off the phone with me. My boyfriend recently got sick on the road and had to stay over night in the hospital. This was my time to finally speak with his friend who told me he was unable to sleep because my boyfriend was away. I asked the friend did he have a girlfriend and he told me no and that he was not interestd or looking for a woman right now, and said that he was happy in his life at the moment. I kind of mention to the guy that I hoped he was not gay and he remained silent with no reply. I flat out asked my boyfriend was there anything going on between the two of them and his reply was simply no and that I must be crazy to think something like that.

Well, whenever my boyfriend and I are intimate sometimes we will discuss our fantasies and he really gets off on the thought of a threesome with me and another guy and both of them performing oral sex on each other. Because I know that my boyfriend is extra kinky and is known to sleep in the nude leads me to believe something is going on between the two.

When he introduced me to his friends, they were looking at me as if they had never seen him with a girl before eventhough he had been married for 19 years and divorced for only 2 years.