I don't understand where it's gone wrong

Relationship Problems

My husband and I habe been married for 13 months though this is our seventh year of being together. We had a great sex life for the first few years and over time this has dwindled away, although until recently we have always been very tactile. I accept that this is what happens when the first flush of love is over and the love becomes deeper.

In January we decied to start trying for a baby, not a concerted effort, I came off the pill and we waited to see what happened, we didn't play around with ovulation charts and I made a concious effort not to make him feel like a baby making machine. However after six months of this he stopped wanting to have sex completely and told me that he wasn't ready for a baby. I was very upset but understood his decision so went back on the pill.

He hasn't touched me since and things have gradually got worse and worse in all areas of our life (except money, which has improved) to the point where I have asked for a divorce. He refuses point blank to talk to anyone about it, say's he doesn't know if he loves me anymore, isn't turned on by me and that everything feels wrong. He won't or can't give me any reasons, he says I haven't done anything wrong, it's just gone. But despite this he is angry with me, he says he's not but his body brisstles with anger and whatever I do or say pisses him off.

He says he isn't having an affair, and I believe him. After a short speration I moved back into our home to try and fix things, but have been making all the effort, his behaviour has been bordering on psychological abuse, and I'm so mixed up. I have told him over and over that I love him and want it to work, but it has t work both ways. The latest theory is that he might be gay, but ashamed or worried about it, I don't want to divorce until I am sure I have done everything I can, but do't know if asking him this will make things worse.

I'm devestated.

If anyone has any suggestions, or has been through a similar thing it would be great to hear from you.