is my boyfriend gay **

Gay Issues and Problems

I just recently started to question my boyfriends sexuality. This thought has never really crossed my mind until a recent conversation that we had about sex. He confronted me and told me that he was curious about having a reverse sexual experience with a strap on. I was very surprised because it came out of the ordinary. In addition he was very willing to look at gay porn. I began to question if that was a normal thought/action for guys.

Then i started to think about his overall personality. He is a very sensitive, caring, emotional, and loving guy (which are all rare qualities) he claims to love me very much, but i wonder if he is just using me as a coverup for his sexual confusion. All of his friends joking call him gay and he gets upset if someone says anything like that, but he is by far the "girl" in our relationship. I know if i ask him he will deny it, but i can't help but wonder the truth.

I guess i just want to know if those are normal things for a heterosexual guy. I just don't want to get hurt if he is gay and is only using me to protect him from gay jokes. So any suggestions or comments would definately help me. Thank you!