My Boyfriend "Can't Decide" If He's Gay?

Gay Issues and Problems

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 4 years now, and last night we got into a fight about marriage...again. He has been giving lame excuses about why we're not engaged, and gave me a time frame of thinking about marriage in two years! To make a long story short, the fight ended with him (finally!) being honest with me and telling me that he has been dealing with being tempted with homosexuality.

He has always had the same interests as the stereo-typical gay man. I think that it bothers him that he enjoys shopping with me, and he has many more female than male friends. He feels like he can't be himself around guys because his interests are different than most guys, and guys in their early twenties are still quite judgemental. He says that he sometimes think it would be easier to just be gay and then he wouldn't have to be ashamed about his personality anymore, but on the other hand he says that the actual sexual part of being a homosexual disgusts him.

He is also dealing with a gay pornography addiction on the internet, he told me that it's a stress relief for him. He says it has taken over his life, but he feels like it's his only escape from the stress of life. He tells me he won't ever act on his temptations, but I feel like if we don't try and figure out what's going on inside of him, things will only get worse.

He is planning on getting counseling, but as for me I am about to go crazy trying to figure out what I am supposed to do as well! I mean, I love him and I want him to figure out his life, but I was hoping there are ways I could show him all the support I have for him, without making him feel ashamed of this situation.

I know that this is all kind of a broad range of topics, but if anyone has advice or help, feel free. I just had to get some of this off my chest.