Is my boyfriend gay???

Gay Issues and Problems

I have been dating a wonderful man for 2 months. He is excellent and everything I have ever wished for. He is single man with two children, which he takes wonderful care of. The only problem is that he has feminine ways. When he talks, it is very feminine. He also loves to cook and clean. He does not walk feminine or dress the part. Physically, he does not exhibit any feminine signs. He is a typical male in that he plays basketball and other sports. When he his around is boys, he talks a totally different way, there is no sweet talk. We have not had sex yet, though when I am around him, he does feel on me and I do feel him get aroused. Should I be concerned with his sexuality or he just a lil feminine? I do need to mention that he has custody of his daughter. (The mother abandoned the child and is not in the picture) Could that play a part in this? Thanks in advance!

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Feminie attributes

I think you are confusing feminine attributes with sexual orientation.
Most gay men, unless they enjoy being camp, are not at all feminine, although they may appreciate the finer qualities of life and human relating. Gay men are mostly unquestionably male.
Orientation is about who you love, who you choose to relate intimately to, and who you like to have sex with. There is nothing in what you have written to indicate that your boyfriend is gay.