Is my partner gay or what is he?

Gay Issues and Problems

Hello, I am confused and desperate. I have been in a relationship with a man for over 2 years, he is wonderful and everything is perfect,I wish we could be eternally together.The only problem is with sexuality.I have asked him and he denies anything.At the beginning sex was great, for the first month, he was very good. Then he said he couldn't with me, but anyway he loved me.We have been "officially" on and off, although always having a perfect partner relationship (romantic, but sexless) and living together. He never wanted to let me go, although I tried. Recently I told him that I couldn't anymore, i needed security, it was all or nothing.Bc of work I had to relocate but we still see each other a lot. Anyway he said he didnt wanna lose me and would give all. Accidentally I came across some proof that there was something going on and I investigated further. Although i have tried to not think about it, just focusing on all the other great things in our relationship, I can't anymore, but i don't wanna lose him. I want to know if there is any hope. I'm afraid of confronting him.I have to think about the future. I come from a bad divorce already (infidelity and domestic violence towards me), then I thought I was so lucky to find this man who cares for me so much and we have so much in common, but what about having kids and a future together, we're both 30. Anyway this is what I found out.First he had some online contact with a couple for sex (not sure if he went through with it),then had posted some ad on those sites looking for "big black" girls, but more than all, and recently I think only that, posted ads as a "bi male" and is looking for "fun in the bedroom with transvestites or convincing feminine cross dressers"What for?What is he gonna do?I don't think he is a transvestite, I lived with him and he didn't have any outfits or was never into mine.I actually tried to test him by saying I wanted to participate in "different" activities, but he refused.I told him he could tell me any fantasy and he said none. We had sex again once but then he couldn't(mentally not physically)another time. I know easy thing, leave him!!, but it's not so easy when he is such a good person and I care for him so much. He comes from a very traditional background.A nother thing, one time he told me physical and emotional relations cant mix, they are 2 different things. What is he all about? What can I do? Thanks, Really desperate,