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I recently came across my boyfriends stash of pornography on his computer. He is 23 and I am 21. I don't really have a problem with pornography. I used to watch it with my ex boyfriend all the time. I am a model and very attractive and also a very sexual person so I was surprised to find out my boyfriend had been sneaking to watch porn every chance he got. When I went to work early in the morning he would wake up (which is really hard for him to do) and sneak on the computer.
I found that he strictly watches teen porn. All of the girls he likes to look at are very small and underdeveloped and none of them look over the age of 16. When I confronted him about it he said he would stop. He also said that 16 year olds are just more attractive and girls his own age 20-25 year olds all look too old and like junkies. This really concerns me. I dont want my boyfriend looking at young girls in that way. Other than his porn addiction he seems like the best guy in the world but when we go out to the pool or the store or other places like that I can also always see his eyes wandering torward 12 year old girls. I don't think he will ever act on it. He says he only loves me and wants to be with me but he just loves looking at these young girls. He has stopped looking at porn for 6 months for me but when I tell him maybe its time we could go to the adult store and pick up a movie he gets real shaky and excited. Should I be worried about this behavior. Do you think it's time to move on? I understand that a lot of guys like looking at young girls but when is too much.
Also when he looks at porn it kinda replaces our sex life. HELP!

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RE: Teen Porn (taboo???)

I totally understand! I moved in with my boyfriend and I knew he looked at porn occasionally (what men don't?), but I guess I didn't realize how bad he was. I worked really long hours as a bartender to pay our bills (he hardly ever helped out with that) and he used that as an excuse. He'd say "Oh, you're always gone and I get bored." Duh, I was always gone! Someone had to pay the bills! There was always an excuse, like I worked late and he liked sex in the morning, so he just HAD to go look at porn. He never wanted to have sex with me, claiming he was stressed out, but I'd look at the computer and see all the time he spent on porn sites.

Especially teen porn. This really bugged me because these girls looked so young! I also have a preteen sister who tries to look and act older, so it was really disturbing to me. I don't care that they are legal, they don't look it and that still makes him a pervert for being attracted to girls who look like they are 13 and 14, doesn't it? We are both in our mid-twenties, but I'm pretty petite, not to mention in pretty good shape and I can pass for an 18-20 year old. So if he's all into younger looking girls, I look the part, why not me?

For some reason, its really been affecting my self-esteem. He usually denied looking at those type of sites, but one time he told me he liked looking at younger girls because they are more "refreshing" looking. I work out nearly everyday and I do some modeling, so I can't be completely hideous, but feel so old and gross, even though I'm only 26. It got so bad, I accidentally confided in my mom once when he and I had broken up for a few weeks, no he's not allowed in my parent's house because of my sister.

I want to move on, but its so hard! I want to tell you the same thing, but I know how hard it is. Especially if you love the guy.

hiya, most women (or at

hiya, most women (or at least most women who type in this section) have a problem with their partner using porn full stop, mainly because they feel offended that their husband/boyfriend is looking at "other women". you on the other hand are like me, you have a partner that likes the way you look, enjoys sex with you, you dont have a big thing against porn but you dont like what he looks at. my partner looks at porn with young girls in it too - i was sexually abused at 13 and pornography involving these kids really disturbs me.

i thought my partner knew and understood this but it didnt stop him. we had to have a big argument about it to try and sort it out. i had to give the ultimatum that if he didnt stop watching porn involving kids then i would leave and make sure everyone knows what he looks at!!

you need to do the same im afraid, porn involving children is illegal and disgusting. i dont mind porn when its strictly an adult thing but kids are too young to know what they are doing and even the dirtiest of men should know better than to use it for their own pleasure. what is your partner going to do when he has children of his own?

teen porn?

Hi, it is comforting yet disturbing to me that there are other women out there who have discovered their partner's dirty little secret...teen porn. I have recently discovered that my boyfriend has secretly viewed a few short video clips on MY computer. I did not see the videos but the titles read, "15 & 13 year old virgins forced into sex after school...I fucked my new wife's daughter tits nipple...erty illegal incest XXX porn hardcore." Now, I don't have a problem with porn, in fact, I enjoy it myself. But I do not condone the use or viewing of kids in porn. Unacceptable! I do know that from viewing porn myself, that you may click on a link and it could take you to a site that says "teens..." It has happened to me before and I just exit the site immediately. But is he really going to admit to watching teen porn if I ask him? My concern is that my partner(whom lives with me) has a 14 year old daughter (whom I have not been introduced to yet). I'm not sure if I should bother trying to talk to him about it and resolve the issue or if I should just dump him. I don't really feel betrayed, just confused about who I am with. I don't want to be with a guy who is into girls. Is this evidence enough that he is a pedophile? We have a very healthy sex life, he treats me very well, we laugh a lot, and he's always willing to help me out whenever I need it. Is this an issue I should even have to bring up? Seriously, can men and common sense even exist in the same sentence. This just happened today. Should I just monitor his behaviour and gather more evidence before I say something. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is, does my partner have have a thing for little girls or was it strictly curiosity or an accident. Any thoughts?