I think my BF's gay...

Gay Issues and Problems

I just feel so confused, and lost, heartbroken, just ICKY! I think the love of my life is gay. We've been together for one and a half years now, we're planning on getting married soon, settling down and having a family. It's what I've always wanted and have always felt so blessed and special to find the One, he's always made me feel like a princess, and a sexual goddess even!

But lately I've felt he's been completely hinting at same sex tendencies. I dont think he's ever been with another man, but i think he's definately curious. He's defends homosexuality, by saying all the Greeks were gay, but he also makes fun of gay guys, so I'm kinda confused. He's into fashion, I know its sterotypical, but he always judges my fashion choices etc (I consider myself sylish, but sometimes his negative feelings make me feel not 'sexy' enough or something..). Once he said he wished guys could wear make-up, and once he told me he wishes I have a penis!!!

My first reaction is 'oh my god, i'm such a fool!" But one of the worst parts is he's trying to convice me I'm gay or something, he asks me if I'm attracted to men, which confuses, angers and frustrates me. Like he wonders why I am with HIM!?? I feel betrayed. I feel I want someone who is sexually attracted to me, which I always have been, but like maybe he would be more attracted to me if I (God forbid! I love being a girl!) had a penis! I dont mean to offend anyone of course. I have nothing against homosexuals, some of my family members are gay, I've had lots of gay friends.

But I totally have something against my BF being gay! I dont know what to do. I know I should confront him, but I'm afraid of what he'll say, and if he is, if I have the strength to move on! I love him SO much, all aspects of him, but I want to be his Dream Girl, not an "EASY WAY OUT" (which is what he called me this weekend.) I think this has the potential to extinct my sexual attraction to him, fester resentment and anger... but also feel completely inadequate as a female trying to love a man.
I feel so embaressed, hurt, shamed, alone, confused, pissed, gross, and I feel US slipping through my fingers when deep down I want to HEAL!! Please help.....

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Do you enjoy sex together?

Do you have sex together? How is that? Might he be "bi-" or just curious now?

Definitely you need to talk frankly with him and work all this out before marrying him.

Good luck.