Reduce Libido

Sex Problems for Men

I want to refrain from sex and sexual activity until marriage, but my brain goes nuts after a couple of days. Is there anycway to atleast reduce my libido?
I was told red meat 'cause of nitrate and food suppressants helps, any other idea?

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How to reduce Libido

There is a nasty drug that reduces libido and makes you feel rather unwell!
Your libido is part of your personality and your character, and you cannot really supress it. What you can do is find out how other people have managed voluntary celibacy and copy some of their ideas. I expect there is plenty os information if you do a search.

how to reduce libido

Are there really no herbal options for this? Im sure i heard of something a while back but didnt get the details. I am away from my partner a lot and at 30, masturbation seems rather childish and tedious. Id really appreciate any help with this, im a real horndog and when shes not around it gets a little 'tense'.

meet your hands

if nothing else you can masturbate to relieve some of the pressure... on the other hand... sometimes I get so horny I feel like having sex all day long... sure, I can't pull that off... not that I've tried... I too am holding off 'til marriage... I think it's only natural, what you're going through... so this probably doesn't help much except maybe you won't think you're a freak for being so damn horny.

a herbal solution

Grape, sour grape is the perfect solution and keep away from sugar, honey and most importantly chocalate. I am from Turkey and I have some experiences about herbal solutions.