'Narrow vagina' (was 'miss')

Sex Problems for Women

I have always suffered with painful sex, despite having had 1 child. As a result my long term relationship broke up. I recently went back to the Dr's to make sure there was definitely no underlying medical problem. I was told I suffer with vaginisms but also that I have a very low cervix and a narrow vagina which wont help the problem. Is there anything I can do to help myself other than the self help techniques such as using the trainers and is the low cervix something I have to live with?

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I had the same problem-in

I had the same problem- in fact I could not consummate my marriage for a long time-due to my vaginal muscles contracting. Then I came across this site called vaginismus.com which talks about training your vaginal muscles by doing some exercises and using their vaginal trainers (dilators). The entire program costs only approximately $100 and is cheaper than any therapy I could have gone with. It has since worked for me and I can now have painless intercourse. I hope this helps.

Self help!

However narrow your vagina may seem when examined by your doctor, unless you had a caesarian birth when your baby was delivered, you know that it is capable of quite some expansion! All normal vaginas are capable of this.
A low cervix shouldn't be a problem either, as the internal organs lift up during sexual arousal. To be honest 'low cervix' is not a medical term I am familiar with, so don't quite know what it is.
If your doctor meant that you had some degree of what is called 'Prolapse', then at some point later in life you just might need it repaired, which is easy. It still shouldn't give you a problem now, so it looks like it is self help for you!