Torn foreskin

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My foreskin has been bleeding and is bruised after a vigorous love making session the underside seems to have torn completely what should I do?

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"torn or stretched" foreskin

About a week ago my wife and I had a very intense love making evening. I started noticing the next day or so that there were red " tear or stretch" marks on the foreskin when I pulled it back. As well as some discomfort. I don't have any other problems unless I get an erection or I don't pull the skin back fully when I use the restroom. Is this normal and if so what can I do to ease the discomfort

had the same problem . also ,

had the same problem . also , white mucous gets deposited all over the glans and things get itchy . havent healed in 5 days . am worried what to do?


The foreskin is very resilient and able to tolerate these sorts ot accidents, but it is good learning for you! You will have to take more care in future, and be aware that bodies have their limits. It should heal up fine, and give no more trouble if you remember to take care of it. If it doesn't, see a doctor. Alternatively, you might consider circumcision.

foreskined man

Up until I was about 6 years old, I couldn't pull my foreskin back behind my penis head (sorry, I don't know the technical term). My mother spoke to a doctor who recommended that I keep trying to pull the skin back. Though it was unpleasant, I certainly kept trying.
I remember it was a slow process, and there would be pus forming around the skin. There was swelling, but it seemed to be going away.
Finally my foreskin was able to roll all the way back around the head. When I am erect, I have no forskin because it is stretched back. When I am not erect, the foreskin covers my tip (head).
I spoke to another friend who is NOT circumsized, and he is not able to do this?
Is my case unique? Can all uncircumsized men pull their foreskin back? Or does it always cover the head?


I agree with what was posted. I would add, anytime you're going to freak out about something like this--assuming you did freak out--go see a doctor if one is available. They'll set you straight right away.