Throwing up after sex

Sex Problems for Women

I'm really worried. Sometimes when i have sex with my boyfriend i get this sharp shooting pain down the side of my right leg and then i feel the need to vomit and most of the time i do vomit. It usually happens after i have climaxed but sometimes it happens during sex and we have to stop. It really ruins the mood as we are both worried that i could be ill but so far both my family planning clinic and a sexual health doctor at the hospital have been unable to tell my whats wrong. I would appreciate any response / comments / advice.

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I appreciate this is not the same in any way and coming from a guy's point of view I also know that this means very little, but I have a very similar (although by no means the same) problem. Whenever I get horny, I sneeze and by that I am talking a lot. I do suffer with allergies anyway, but these are all well under control with meds. Yet as soon as I am either in a sexual situation, or thinking horny thoughts, it begins and will not abate for some time. Most people make fun of me for it, saying I am allergic to sex, which is ridiculous. It almost seems like a similar thing for you, only whereas I sneeze, you feel sick and experience pain. Worth checking out for sure, but unlike some readers, I really do not think you have any fear of sex or a psychological issue here.

Sneezing when horny

I,have no allergies whatsoever. But when I'm getting really horny and my penis become very hard and swollen, I have to sneeze always 7 or 8 times without any other discomfort, happily enough. This is a great distraction and I often loose my erection for a short time, After this thunderstorms it's ok again, but I don't know why it happens. Is there anyone who knows, and what to do to avoid it. K.

Fear of Sex

I suggest you read the pages on Fear of Sex. But most likely, you really need to see a therapist.

Thanks for your comment but i

Thanks for your comment but i don't have a fear of Sex. I enjoy it very much and i do not have any issues that need to be discussed with a therapist. I think the problem is medical not psychological.


Sounds like you could have endometriosis

Check into this could be your answer

Thank you for the

Thank you for the information, i will take a look at the website. it would be good to find an answer.

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